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Nu'utele island viewed from Lalomanu beach, 2007

Nu'utele is an island which consists of a volcanic tuff ring situated 1.3 km off the eastern end of Upolu island, Samoa. It is the largest of the four Aleipata Islands, at 1.08 km².

Together with Nu'ulua, a smaller isle in the Aleipata group, the two areas are significant conservation areas for native species of bird life. Nu'utele features steep terrain with vertical marine cliffs up to 180 m high.[1]

Nu'utele serves as a famous background scene for the popular Lalomanu beach area.

Nu'utele island - Samoa.jpg

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Coordinates: 14°03′47″S 171°25′23″W / 14.063°S 171.423°W / -14.063; -171.423

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