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Orson Welles as Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane (1941)

While there is no general agreement upon which is the greatest film of all time, many publications and organizations have tried to determine the films considered the best. Each film listed here has topped a notable survey—whether a popular poll or a poll among film reviewers—or is the highest ranked exponent of its genre or country in such a survey. Many of these sources focus on American films or were polls of English-speaking film-goers, but those considered the greatest within their respective countries are also included here. Many films are widely considered among the best ever made, whether they appear at #1 on each list or not. For example, many believe that Orson Welles' Citizen Kane is the best film ever made, and it appears as #1 on AFI's Best Movies list, but it was displaced from the #1 position by Vertigo in the 2012 Sight & Sound decennial critics' poll.

None of the surveys that produced these citations should be viewed as a scientific measurement of the opinions of film viewers. Each may suffer the effects of vote stacking or skewed demographics. Internet-based surveys have a self-selected audience of unknown participants. The methodology of some surveys may be questionable. Sometimes (as in the case of the American Film Institute) voters were asked to select films from a limited list of entries.

Critics and filmmakers

Sight & Sound poll

Every decade, the British film magazine Sight & Sound asks an international group of film professionals to vote for the greatest film of all time. The Sight & Sound accolade has come to be regarded as one of the most important of the "greatest ever film" lists. The American film critic Roger Ebert described it as "by far the most respected of the countless polls of great movies—the only one most serious movie people take seriously."[1]

Brussels World's Fair's international poll

Main article: Expo 58

The Brussels World's Fair, organized in 1958, offered the occasion for the organization by thousands of critics and filmmakers from all over the world, of the first universal film poll in history. Sergei Eisenstein's 1925 film, Battleship Potemkin, was ranked in the top position.[3]

Rotten Tomatoes

In the Rotten Tomatoes aggregate score rankings, The Wizard of Oz (1939) is in 1st place as of 28 November 2016. The Third Man—ranked in 2nd place overall—is the highest ranked film with a 100 percent rating.[4]


Main article: Metacritic

Metacritic lists over 9,000 films ranked by aggregate score, which sees The Godfather ranked in the top position as of 27 November 2016. The Godfather is one of only three films on the Metacritic list to attain a perfect 100 score, along with Boyhood and Three Colors: Red.[5]


In a survey of the Hollywood region undertaken by The Hollywood Reporter in 2014, in which every studio, agency, publicity firm and production house was ballotted, over 2000 industry workers voted The Godfather (1972) the greatest film.[6]

Audience polls

Particular genres or media







  • 12 Angry Men (1957) is the highest-rated courtroom drama on Rotten Tomatoes's Top 100 Movies of All Times at #39 with 100% based on 48 reviews as of 28 November 2016.[4]


The main advertisement image for "The Godfather"




See The Wizard of Oz in the Rotten Tomatoes section above.

High school





Science fiction

See Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back in the Films acclaimed in audience polls section above.



See Gone with the Wind, Casablanca and Schindler's List in the Films acclaimed in audience polls section above.





See also Cinema of Bangladesh



Czech Republic

  • Marketa Lazarova was voted the all-time best Czech movie in a 1998 poll of Czech film critics and publicists.[70] The film was once again voted the all-time best Czech movie in a 2011 poll by the critics.[71]need quotation to verify
  • Cosy Dens is the best Czech film according to poll by Reflex magazine by the readers while editorial staff chose Markéta Lazarová.[72]


See also: Cinema of Chile


See also: Cinema of China



  • Kevade (Spring, 1969) received the first place in the Estonian feature films Top Ten Poll in 2002 held by Estonian film critics and journalists.[77]





  • The Travelling Players was the only Greek film to be ranked in the top 50 of the 2002 edition of Sight & Sound's critics' poll.[2]

Hong Kong

  • A Better Tomorrow (英雄本色) (1986), filmed and produced in Hong Kong, was voted the second best Chinese film ever made by the Hong Kong Film Awards Association in 2005.[74]
  • Drunken Master II (醉拳二) (1994), directed by Jackie Chan and Lau Kar-Leung, is the highest-ranking entirely Hong Kong production and third highest-ranking Asian film on Time Magazine's "Readers Top Rated" list.[75]
  • In the Mood for Love (花樣年華) (2000), directed by Wong Kar-wai, was chosen as the greatest Hong Kong film out of 100 choices by the Hong Kong edition of Time Out.[80] It came #24 on the 2012 Sight & Sound critics' poll, and is the only Hong Kong production to make the top 50.[2] Wong Kar-wai's earlier work, Days of Being Wild (阿飛正傳) (1990), ranks #3 on the Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures list and is considered the first part of an informal trilogy with In the Mood for Love forming the second part.




See also: Cinema of Iran
  • Bashu, the Little Stranger (1986) was voted "Best Iranian Film of all time" in November 1999 by a Persian movie magazine Picture World poll of 150 Iranian critics and professionals.[86]



  • The Policeman (1971) was voted "Best Israeli Film of All Time" in 2008 poll by Cafe The Marker, affiliated with the prestigious Israeli newspaper Haaretz. More than 100 internet users and 7 film experts chose The Policeman.[88]
  • Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona (1976) was voted "Favorite Israeli Film of All Time" in a 2004 poll by Ynet, the platform of the popular Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot. The film received votes from 25,000 web users.[89]
  • Avanti Popolo (1986) was voted "Greatest Israeli Film of All Time" in a 2013 poll of 20 Israeli film experts by NRG Ma'ariv.[90][91]


See also: Cinema of Italy
  • Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di biciclette; 1948). See Sight & Sound poll section above. Also listed at #22 on Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time.[92]
  • (1963). Director Federico Fellini's film about filmmaking was at #10 the highest rated Italian film in the 2002 Sight & Sound poll of the best films of all time.[2]


See also: Cinema of Japan
  • Rashomon (羅生門), 1950: This film by Akira Kurosawa is the highest-ranked Japanese and Asian film in the Village Voice poll of "Best Films of the Century" (ranked #10).[82] It also tied with Seven Samurai for the highest-ranked Japanese and Asian film on the Sight & Sound 2002 Directors' Top Ten Poll (ranked #9).[2]
  • Seven Samurai (七人の侍 Shichinin no Samurai), 1954: Also by Kurosawa, this period adventure film was voted the "Best Japanese Film ever" in a 1979 Kinema Junpo critics' poll.[93] It also topped Empire magazine's "The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema" list.[94]
  • Tokyo Story (東京物語 Tokyo Monogatari), 1953: Directed by Yasujirō Ozu, is the highest-ranked Japanese and Asian film on the 2002 Sight and Sound Critics' Top Ten Poll (ranked #5).[2] It was also declared the greatest film ever by Halliwell's Film Guide in 2005.[95] In 2012, Tokyo Story topped the Sight & Sound directors' poll, dethroning Citizen Kane for the first time since the directors' poll began in 1992, and has also come third place in the 2012 critics' poll.[2]
  • Ugetsu (雨月物語 Ugetsu Monogatari), 1953: Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi, it was the highest-ranking Asian film in the Sight & Sound critics' polls in 1962 (ranked #4) and 1972 (ranked #10).[2]



  • Pan's Labyrinth, a 2006 Mexican co-production, is the highest ranked Mexican or Latin American film on Empire magazine's "100 Best Films Of World Cinema" in 2010.[97]


New Zealand

See Lord of the Rings in the Films acclaimed in audience polls section above.


  • Flåklypa Grand Prix (Pinchcliffe Grand Prix – 1975 – Ivo Caprino): The people's choice for "Best Norwegian Film of the Century" during the 2005 Bergen International Film Festival.[99]
  • Ni Liv (Nine Lives – 1957 – Arne Skouen): The critics' choice for "Best Norwegian Film of the Century" during the 2005 Bergen International Film Festival.[99]


  • Baji (1963), directed by S. Suleman, topped the British Film Institute's critics poll of "Top 10 Pakistani Films" of all time.[100]
  • Aina (1977), directed by Nazr-ul-Islam, topped the British Film Institute's user poll of "Top 10 Pakistani Films" of all time.[101]


  • City After Dark (originally entitled Manila by Night; 1980) by Ishmael Bernal was cited in a poll conducted in 1989 by film scholar Joel David and his UP criticism class as the best Filipino film of all time.[102]
  • Himala (Miracle) (1982) by Ishmael Bernal won the 2008 CNN Asia Pacific Screen Awards Viewers Choice as "Best Asia-Pacific Film of All Time" (voted for by thousands of film fans around the world).[103][104][105][106]excessive citations


  • The Promised Land (1975) was considered as the best Polish movie by the critics of "Esensja" magazine in 2011 ranking.[107]
  • Cult comedy Teddy Bear (1980) was voted by the public of 2013 Filmfest PL as the best movie of all time.[108]


  • Reconstituirea (The Reenactment, 1968) directed by Lucian Pintilie was selected as the best Romanian film by the Union of Romanian Cineastes and the Film Critics Association (Uniunea Cineaştilor din România şi Asociaţia Criticilor de Film).[109]



  • Who's That Singing Over There (Ko to tamo peva, 1980) was in 1996 voted the best Serbian movie made in the 1947–95 period by the members of the Yugoslavian Board of the Academy of Film Art and Science (AFUN).[110]



  • See You in the Next War (Nasvidenje v naslednji vojni, 1980), voted the best Slovenian film of all times in the poll among contemporary film critics, conducted in 2012 by Dnevnik newspaper.[115]

South Korea

See also: Cinema of Korea
  • Oldboy (올드보이): This 2003 South Korean film is the highest ranked Korean film on Empire magazine's "100 Best Films Of World Cinema" in 2010.[116]

Sri Lanka


  • Persona (1966): Acclaimed director Ingmar Bergman's movie reached the highest position (#5 in 1972) of any Swedish film on any of Sight & Sound's lists of greatest films of all time.[2]
  • The Phantom Carriage (Körkarlen, 1921), directed by Victor Sjöström, was selected as the best Swedish film of all time by the film magazine FLM in 2012.[119]



  • Yol (1982), directed by Şerif Gören, was selected as the best Turkish film in a 2003 poll undertaken by Ankara Sinema Derneği (Ankara Association for Cinema Culture) of people interested in cinema professionally.[120]


United Kingdom

United States

Since 1998, the American Film Institute has assembled juries of film community leaders and polled them for a series of top 100 lists. Two of the lists from the series, 100 Years... 100 Movies from 1998 and 100 Years... 100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition) from 2007, identified Citizen Kane as the best American film ever. In 1977, a poll of the AFI membership saw Gone with the Wind in first place.[128]

  • Gone with the Wind (1939) was voted the favorite film of Americans in a poll undertaken by Harris Interactive in 2008, and again in a follow-up poll in 2014. In both instances Star Wars was ranked in second place.[129][130]
  • Citizen Kane (1941) was selected as the greatest American film in 2015 by sixty-two international film critics surveyed by the BBC.[131] It was also ranked top in every Sight & Sound critics' poll between 1962 and 2002, and the directors' poll in 1992 and 2002.[2]
  • Casablanca (1942) was voted the greatest film on the American Film Institute's list by readers of the Los Angeles Daily News in 1997.[132]
  • Vertigo (1958) topped the Sight & Sound critics' poll in 2012, dethroning Citizen Kane at the top of the critics' poll for the first time in 50 years since 1962. It was voted #7 in the directors' poll the same year.[2]
  • The Godfather (1972) was selected as the greatest film by industry professionals in a Hollywood survey undertaken by The Hollywood Reporter in 2014.[6]

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