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The Fono Aoao Faitulafono (Legislative Assembly) of Samoa has 49 members. Of these, 47 are elected from 41 territorial constituencies based on traditional districts. Two members are elected on a non-territorial basis by voters on the Individual Voters Roll. Until 1991 voting for candidates in traditional territorial constituencies was by matai (chiefs) suffrage only. After a 1990 plebiscite, universal suffrage was introduced with a voting age of 21.

The eligibility of candidates and voters for the two types of constituencies is different. Only registered matais may stand in territorial electorates. Voters and candidates may move from the territorial constituencies rolls to the Individual Voters Roll.

Territorial constituencies

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The constituencies each belong to an itūmālō (political district) and are given an official number:

No. Constituency name Itūmālō
1 Vaimauga East Tuamasaga
2 Vaimauga West Tuamasaga
3 Faleata East Tuamasaga
4 Faleata West Tuamasaga
5 Sagaga-le-Falefa Tuamasaga
6 Sagaga-le-Usoga Tuamasaga
7 A'ana North No. 1 A'ana
8 A'ana North No. 2 A'ana
9 A'ana North No. 3 A'ana
10 Aiga-i-le-Tai Aiga-i-le-Tai
11 Falelatai and Samatau A'ana
12 Lefaga and Faleseela A'ana
13 Safata Tuamasaga
14 Si'umu Tuamasaga
15 Falealili Atua
16 Lotofaga Atua
17 Lepa Atua
18 Aleipata Itupa-i-lalo Atua
19 Aleipata Itupa-i-luga Atua
20 Va'a-o-Fonoti Va'a-o-Fonoti
21 Anoama'a East Atua
22 Anoama'a West Atua
23 Fa'asalele'aga No. 1 Fa'asalele'aga
24 Fa'asalele'aga No. 2 Fa'asalele'aga
25 Fa'asalele'aga No. 3 Fa'asalele'aga
26 Fa'asalele'aga No. 4 Fa'asalele'aga
27 Gagaemauga No. 1 Gagaemauga
28 Gagaemauga No. 2 Gagaemauga
29 Gagaemauga No. 3 Gagaemauga
30 Gagaifomauga No. 1 Gagaifomauga
31 Gagaifomauga No. 2 Gagaifomauga
32 Gagaifomauga No. 3 Gagaifomauga
33 Vaisigano No.1 Vaisigano
34 Vaisigano No. 2 Vaisigano
35 Falealupo Vaisigano
36 Alataua West Vaisigano
37 Salega Satupa'itea
38 Palauli West Palauli
39 Satupa'itea Satupa'itea
40 Palauli Palauli
41 Palauli-le-Falefa Palauli

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